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Entry for July 14, 2018


Do writers enjoy going to their club meetings?

Maybe, if they are the president of the club.

Well published authors may have made it on the shoulders of club members.
Have to sell your book somewhere.

Gossip also flourishes at any kind of meeting. New babies aren't all the talk. New relationships or break ups can be the best topic. Selling books might be a secondary discussion brought up by the speaker of the month.

Have to do research.
The news on television is old news.

Keep writing!

The Editor

Entry for July 13, 2018


Many fear Friday the 13th.

Superstition is a weird belief.

What makes an individual strong?
They are who they think they are.

Where is the rabbit's foot when you need it? It did not do the rabbit any good. How does your character deal with other people who believe superstition?

We all have ideas that we use to give us confidence when confronting the unknown.
Like writing the story.

Keep writing!

The Editor

Entry for July 12, 2018


Does your character major on promptness?

I make words up as I go along.

Is your character tied to a time frame?
Or do they, like the cowboy, have to follow the herd?

How late can your character be to get the job done? The story has a goal for the main character. Are you using the rule of threes to establish the time frame for your character to win? First time, fail. Second time, get closer to completing the challenge and then the third time the character wins!

Kinda like rewriting the third rough draft.
Bound to be story in there somewhere.

Keep writing!

The Editor

Entry for July 11, 2018


Each writer is responsible to find their own style.

Depends on the reader type that the writer wants to attract.

Writing for child readers requires the writer to use small words and simple ideas.
No subplot necessary.

What style might mean that you would write to attract readers new to reading or young adults. Short sentences and simple plot might help. Are you writing scientific novels? Might include the college set with science based education. Nursing students could enjoy a medical based scenario.

Write to interest yourself.
Your experience based story could give your reader a more exciting read.

Keep writing!

The Editor

Entry for July 10, 2018


Writers can't wait to sit down and write the story.

We are notorious for keeping our notepad next to us while in bed or eating.

Ideas fly in from everywhere.
I don't make notes when I am trying to sleep because I already went to bed late.

Hunger is in the gut whether it is for food or bringing ideas to life. A Gemini can make something out of nothing literally. I can't go near fabric right now. My quilts have to be in the finishing process. Only have to cut down a ninety by eighty inch quilt top to usable size and then add the padding and back fabric. Waiting for cool weather. You know that is a joke, right?

Writers have to focus on finishing the project.
I'm a great one to talk!

Keep writing!

The Editor

Entry for July 9, 2018


Is your character very strong?

Your physical strength might not be reflected in your characters.

Naturally you would have to use some psychology to give your character motivation.
If you don't understand an issue, how is your character going to act the situation out?

How high can you jump? Are you able to defend yourself? A meeting I attended Sunday was about self-defense and security. Have you considered what you would do, if an active shooter appeared in your environment?

How can you write the story, if you don't know?
Get updated and then you can write a story to help others.

Keep writing!

The Editor

More to come!
Encouraging words to help you write.
Family content.
Thanx for stopping by!
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