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Entry for September 22, 2018


Whether you are writing for plays or film you might consider the noises.

A suspense story will definitely have a creaking board or door.

Don't forget screams or loud talking.
As the tension increases the voices will raise in pitch and get louder.

Sounds like dog barking or baby crying increase tension. Adult stories outside a home will have street noises or wild animal sounds depending on the story location.

Sound effects should be written into your script.
Study the correct format with others who are published.

Keep writing!

The Editor

Entry for September 21, 2018


I know you have experienced rain.

And maybe a flood through your yard.

In California the summers are usually very dry.
The kids are allowed to run outside and play in the fall rain when it starts.

Run between the rain drops is what farmers and cattlemen might have done when the drought breaking rain started in Oklahoma. By now they are experiencing plenty of mud and overflowing streams.

Not anything like North Carolina, but enough to cover cars and cause hazards on the road.
Thank God for the rain and the dry seasons.

Keep writing!

The Editor

Entry for September 20, 2018


Don't you just hate it when it is winter and the weather turns hot?

Or in the summer and it is cool enough for a jacket?

What to do when your clothes are not suitable for your environment?
It is good to keep your all weather gear handy.

Two seasons are running together now in the stores. Halloween and Christmas. You could interpret some of the decorations for Thanksgiving and fall. How did we all of a sudden run into fall? Granted Oklahoma summer heat can be replaced by nice cool temps, but get out the long underwear.

I am expecting a very cold, wet winter considering the rain we received in the last two months.
No, I didn't look at the Old Farmer's Almanac just yet.

Keep writing!

The Editor

Entry for September 19, 2018


Imagine the stage full of actors.

They are Elvis impersonators.

My friends got me into their car and off we went.
One was intent on collecting an Elvis scarf.

Oh! What fun we had at the Oklahoma State Fair. Many entries in the first building with crafts with fabric, design that used a pumpkin and sewing, quilts, dresses and baby clothes. Then we got to the stage with the greatest band that I have heard in a long time.

One of my friends performed his act as Elvis.
Oklahome State Fair is great fun!

Keep writing!

The Editor

Entry for September 18, 2018


Writers gather character information by observation.

Oklahoma is in the middle of a discussion about drugs.

One commercial comes on that says the Supreme Court orders cigarette companies to deal with nicotine problem.
The very next commercial is about getting pain medication from a plant that also can be smoked.

Compare and contrast the oxymoron statements. We are in an opiod crisis? Who are they talking about? Learn about human behavior. Check out the people who are being played against each other because of personal issues.

Years ago the cigarette companies were under fire and many were compensated for smoking cigarettes and getting sick.
DUH! Haven't they heard about eating healthy and being responsible for their own body?

Keep writing!

The Editor

Entry for September 17, 2018


Does the writer know how the story will end?

And how many edits does it take to make all end well?

Manuscripts are contrary volumes.
If you have to deal with a writing program, updates can mess with you.

Take charge of your hardware as well as your software. Do not open a pdf file on a new website. The hackers are out there. Last week one had my facebook picture on their site. I must have hit the wrong link and the dreaded voice came up telling me to call Microsoft.

NOT!! Hit the keys one after the other: control, alt, delete, holding them down.
When the Task Manager comes up go to Programs and delete any open files.
The voice should stop and pictures disappear.
Then clear your computer with your virus scanner.

Don't use this method unless you have experience with your computer Task Manager.

Keep writing!

The Editor

More to come!
Encouraging words to help you write.
Family content.
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