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Entry for September 30, 2017


Details count.

When you are packing your story with action make sure the hero is consistent.

Do they stutter before they defend their turf?
What behavior defines their actions?

What a week for action in my story. Plodding to finish a task with knuckle down action to completely follow through. Moving in to my apartment may be done because I am up to my elbows in boxes. But in the following months of the last quarter I will do a deeper needs accessment.

What priorities are going to make the most difference?
Singing is what I do best. I will put more songs on Pauli Sings. I will make improvements in the presentation.
I just want to sing in public more and get paid.

Keep writing!

The Editor

Entry for September 29, 2017


Where do you keep your files?

Writing a book takes up a great deal of computer memory and computer hard disk space.

You could use flash drives, but you are still dealing with what is called volitile memory.
One glitch and your whole story could be zilch.

Downsizing in office space is terrible. Rough drafts with bits of story updates are hard to consider just shredding the whole mass. Thirty five chapters? Really?

One might consider the mass shredding option when a shredding company sets up to take in excess office paper.
Have you ever thought that they just want your old data?
New story.

Keep writing!

The Editor

Entry for September 28, 2017


What part does a day off play in the character's role?

It could be the whole story.

Moving ad infintim is not what I would rather be doing, doing, doing.
I know I sound like a broken record which right now I can't think of a modern equivalent.

Whoops, I missed it totally.

Will be done soon and have more writing tips.
The tips may have to do with moving.

Keep writing!

The Editor

Entry for September 27, 2017


All of us have days where nothing goes right.

That could be the inciting incident for the story.

Yesterday was tough for me.
I got two loads from storage with my truck, a big Trailblazer, which cleaned out the storage unit.

Day of all days when the place I usually park is taken. That would be my inciting incident. Exhausted to the core, I was ready to go balistic. Not my usual manner of operation.

Security came when I called, but it wasn't their job.
I parked across the street and dragged myself into my apartment.

Keep writing!

The Editor

Entry for September 26, 2017


Why does your character mark work anniversaries?

You know they are tired of the same old thing.

The character might remember when they first started on the job.
They also might keep track of when they will retire and the reduction in wages.

Significant days could be how long they worked in that particular job before they married, had their first kid or got fired the first time and when the boss took them back.

Our work might define us.
But our attitude about our work shows our interior success.

Keep writing!

The Editor

Entry for September 25, 2017


Starting the week moves us into new adventures.

What favorite relative is pestering you to do their thing?

Family interaction stories are very popular.
Uncle Lenny is only going to get your son into doing what he likes.

Monday is Friday in reverse. Everyone runs away from work on Friday. Monday each person attacks tasks with more vigor. Uncle Lenny is trying ferverishly to keep your son from telling what they did.

Can that fit into a story you are thinking about?
Tuesday is only going to get better.

Keep writing!

The Editor

More to come!
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