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Entry for April 7, 2018


Snow this morning on my truck.

At least two inches stacked on the hood and windshield.

Glad I decided to stay in today and relax.
Not that staying in the house means that I'm not doing anything.

Wow! Whata week to keep moving toward my goals. Weather has been warm one day and freezing the next day. I had all good encouragement from my friends to wear my spring clothes for church on Sunday. I have my designer clothes waiting for warm weather. I think I will postpone wearing lightweight clothes until May.

Not in Oklahoma.
Next week it appears we will have close to ninety degrees.

Keep writing!

The Editor

Entry for April 6, 2018


Poverty is everywhere.

Poverty of body with low nutrition.

Lack of education causes the individual to miss out on many successes.
The gap between the fork and the lip might make you miss a delicious bite of food.

Feast or famine can also be in the spirit. Loneliness, depression and negative feelings are cultivated by deficient nurishment. So do not avoid eating good food. It happens when we let work or ignorance keep us from feeding our spirit, belly or peace.

Chose to treat yourself well.
Kindness and love go a long way.

Keep writing!

The Editor

Entry for April 5, 2018


Went to a meeting this morning with concerned ministries helping women and children.

Where were the men?

Two men were there from other organizations that helped with food banks.
Who is serving the male population?

Preconceived ideas about who is needy has not been addressed in Oklahoma City. The next meeting was for people involved in ministries and law inforcement. I did not get there because on my way I passed a man beside the street in a wheelchair. All I could see was that he had no shoes and was slumped over.

I called 9-1-1 for a welfare check; like, was he still alive. Not money in the mail.
One man in a wheelchair with hundreds of cars going by! Who even noticed!
Of all the men driving by in cars; who stopped?!!

All I had was a sack lunch that I made for the next meeting.
I went back to see how he did after the police check. He was around the corner off the main thoroughfare.
He was all pulled into his hoody and sleeping. His hands were frostbit and in his socks were toeless feet. I mean ankle stubbs for feet!
The Lord put a sack lunch in my hands and I gave the lunch to the young man.
Needless to say I am a little hacked off!

Keep writing!

The Editor

Entry for April 4, 2018


Is your story based on levels of achievement?

Does your character get smarter after each task accomplished?

How can the characters win if they don't wise up?
You can't beat the antagonist, if you don't have the skills to win.

Learning a lesson comes with a test. Each time your character wins it means they got the last lesson. School is set to take students through steps with the next level building on what they learned. Now, if the student missed the lesson, they will have to make up that step. When they don't catch up it will be very difficult to pass the next tests.

School is easy.
Tests are hard.

Keep writing!

The Editor

Entry for April 3, 2018


Have you wondered as a writer, "Why is strife important in a story?"

The inciting incident is life for all.

When all is good, then Satan comes to kill, steal and destroy.
Humans might have fallen into the trap of believing the wrong person, but each individual has to choose who they believe and follow.

Doing without Jesus, no peace; With Jesus, PEACE. Until one makes the decision to give over control totally to the Lord, there will be fear and destruction. Choose this day Who will you serve.

A very good example in a true story is in the movie, "I Can Only Imagine."
Don't miss it.

Keep writing!

The Editor

Entry for April 2, 2018


Foolishness for April Fool day was spoiled for some.

I was focused on the Resurrection of my Lord and Savior.

Only one person tried to pull an April Fool joke on me.
And in the context of the day I did not get what he was saying.

Too Late for joking around. You don't know how long you will be here on this side of life. Have you asked yourself, "What am I doing here?" You were created to praise God. He wants to love you. Your heart may be turned to foolishness and think everything is a joke. You won't think that way, if you put the Lord first in your heart and believe that He is who he says.

If you don't understand what I am saying, get real serious and just say to the Lord, "Who are you?"
It may take a little time to let go your preconceived notions, but listen to your heart. He will answer.

Keep writing!

The Editor

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