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Entry for May 12, 2018


When all the action turns loose, who taught the character to take responsibility?

Some people don't get the lesson the first time it is taught.

The individual is responsible for their own behavior.
But what does it cost to learn to clean up your mess?

Honor Motherhood because without mothers, the childbearing kind, where would we be? My mother taught me well. She insisted that I stand up straight and went trouble to help me walk with a book on my head like a model. She taught me survival skills on the farm. She set an example how to take care of myself in any situation.

When I had to walk to school, she gave me the instructions, "If anybody tries to pick you up and carry you away, kick, bite and scratch until they put you down."
A couple days later she came back and said, "I don't worry about you. They might take you around the block, but they would come back and set you out on the curb where they got you."

Keep writing!

The Editor

Entry for May 11, 2018


Who's your buddy?

Do writers ever let someone into their head?

Design and compose processes do take up a lot of brain space.
But that is not where writers live is it?

Soul mates take emotional space. Since I have been married before I know the significant other needs attention. It may not be the kind of attention a writer will give to another. Put two people together that are artistic and the conflict begins.

The relationship is pulling at each person's soul.
Wherever that hides in the emotions and mind.

Keep writing!

The Editor

Entry for May 10, 2018


When the story ends is everybody happy?

Not always.

The loser in the competition, war, or relationship may not be all that satisfied.
But the hero should be greatly rewarded.

"All's well that ends well," said Shakespear, who should know with the plays he produced. Authors will persist until they accomplish a good end for the story. Remember the main character has a goal. To end the story well, the character must get what they want.

It may not look like the goal they were seeking at the beginning of the story.
But at the end they will be very happy what they have achieved.

Keep writing!

The Editor

Entry for May 9, 2018


Today there was smog in Oklahoma City.

And earthquakes in California.

Oklahoma has had some earthquakes.
And we know who has the smog.

Don't share ecological events between places in your story. Sure, the character might get homesick when they see a family at dinner, but they are in the location without family, possibly. Similar events do happen in many places. The events are usually tied to the character's experiences with the events.

The story must be in the now.
History may be told with flashbacks.

Keep writing!

The Editor

Entry for May 8, 2018


What if you are not a novelist?

Scripts for film and theater are in demand.

It does take training for every type of writing.
The television station uses many types of scripts and teleprompter input.

Interior decorating shows are all over television. The story could be about the life of an interior decorator. A decorator could help a family remodel after a disastor like a flood or smoke damage.

Writers have an instinct for the story.
The story can be written in all forms.

Keep writing!

The Editor

Entry for May 7, 2018


Last week was a trip.

But, if a writer does not every experience difficulty, how are they going to write the story?

The hardest part about delays is the story process.
Interruptions will delay your character development.

Be sure to put in story twists and turns. You don't have to be a surfer to write a surfer story, but you do have to experience the waves. The ocean currents close to shore can knock you off your feet.

It is said that a person can drown in an inch of water.
I didn't want to go there so I can write the story.

Keep writing!

The Editor

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