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Entry for November 3, 2018


Start your story with an inciting incident.

That is understood to give the main character purpose for the story.

Events cascade into the story.
The character flees, reasons or fights.

Then suddenly the issues are resolved. The story is complete. The character survives and overcomes the very last obstacle.

Story ends.
Same as this article on Saturday night.

Keep writing!

The Editor

Entry for November 2, 2018


We all have our favorite foods.

Most of the time it is because our grandmother passed down her specialty.

We might have got our nose from Grandpa, but Grandma gave us style.
She gave us special treats like cookies.

What favorite treat do you remember? Cookies are different the world over. They have ingredients from the neighborhood where Grandma was raised.

That is cultural influence.
That is what makes the difference between a Ridgerunner and a Hillbilly.

Keep writing!

The Editor

Entry for November 1, 2018


First lesson in life should be, "Keep your hands off stuff that doesn't belong to you."

Babies learn that early unless parents let them throw a fit when they don't get their way.

Mature adults have learned to get their own property and take care of it.
Others think they can push in and steal.

Taking something that doesn't belong to you includes cunning to trick another into giving up their stuff. Like talk people into leaving their goods unattented so you can get them. Another way is to present false information. Either way, the people who are marching up from the South to the U. S. can be delusional.

Working under a false vendeta is still ludicris.
As in a self-inflicted mental attitude.

Keep writing!

The Editor

Entry for October 31, 2018


Halloween is an intriging time.

I don't worship a pumpkin or wear a pointed hat.

Many individuals have grown up with a tradition.
Before I learned what Halloween stands for, I did trick or treat at the age of ten.

Every witch way there is can make your characters act weird. Stores had signs at the door, DO NOT WEAR MASK OR HOODIE. Adults could take advantage of the disguise option and not do good.

Any excuse for a party.
What do you do with all that candy?

Keep writing!

The Editor

Entry for October 30, 2018


If anyone has a country,

why is it not important to them to make that country the best?

Why do we have so many people who cop out on duty?
It is important to take a stand.

Citizenship is primary. An individual has family and the family belongs to a country. Leaving your country to have someone else take care of you is not an option.

President Trump is using the first condition that I wrote back in 2009.
Check out the IMMIGRATION paper that I wrote.

Keep writing!

The Editor

Entry for October 29, 2018


Do you think that people change with the weather?

I know some have more problems with their joints.

What characteristic would add to your character?
Do they hate summer or winter?

Get set for weather changes on Halloween evening. In Oklahoma the weather will take a drastic downturn in temperature. Today's weather was beautiful and warm. I think there is a weather gremlin that just makes the weather nice and warm before we are frozen. It's like a gotcha.

Get out your cold weather gear.
But, in your character's case they could still have a battle with temperature changes even if it is just a hot flash.

Keep writing!

The Editor

More to come!
Encouraging words to help you write.
Family content.
Thanx for stopping by!
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